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History of the Renault 5 Turbo


Jean Terramorsi was fascinated by sports cars. It is him, the father of TURBO Renault 5, it is him who manages to convince Bernard Hannon, then CEO of Renault, the legitimacy of this project.

Semiofficial debuts of the project 822, the official name of TURBO Renault 5. This car has to be the alive advertising of Renault.

The model of TURBO Renault 5, almost definitive, was elaborated at the Italian coachbuilder's Bertone. But it is Marc Deschamps who realized the first drawing.



Souvenir photo around the first prototype of TURBO in Dieppe.

Renault 5 Turbo such as she will be presented to the Show in October, 1978. We can notice her wheels in alloy which are not definitive.

Car Show in Paris, on the stand Renault, in the middle of various Renault 5 thrones a funny machine in the swollen wings. It is a brute, one Renault 5 Turbo!!!!


MAY 1980

The production starts officially in the factory of Dieppe. Is 822 in compliance with the specifications elaborated a little more than two years earlier. For the needs of the ratification, a particular effort is made to produce the first 200 immediate copies. Boxes are taken from the chains of Flins, then are modified at Heuliez (passages of back wheels, extension of the box, the back skirt, the detached house of aluminum roof, as well as both doors, etc.) It is by truck that they arrive has Dieppe. There, we transplant them their plastic elements (wings, hood before) and the assembly can begin. All these TURBO Renault 5 will be marketed under the vintage year 1981, which starts as each knows in July.

Few options for this first model leather, radio, coloured windows and heating windscreen, tints of body of which are among two: red grenade and blue olympe.


Year 1982

For this year we find certain number of evolutions, among which of new tints of box and trimming, a central pontet of electric window, a new central console-radio, seat belts of the color of the trimming, the belts with luggage with fast locking and jets of windscreen washer bi-jets. Driving side, we note the abolition of the lid of discharge on heat exchanger, replaced by a safety cut of ignition. The heat exchanger of air is more successful and some other details evolved. From the outside we shall note tires before in TRX VR instead of HR. Finally, and it is a happiness, of new bolts 1/4 of tour replace the first ones far too difficult of usage. One of the main modifications: doors are now in sheet steel.


Renault 5 Turbo
Renault 5 Turbo 2